Account Executive (Commission-Based/Local Canidates Only)


的社会 LLC is seeking a qualified contractor with 5 years of outside sales experience. We need someone who can bring in local business. This position also requires someone who is passionate about expanding our company and is willing to grow with us. A strong, independent, driven, and a self-starter with a deep understanding of what the market needs. The ideal candidate must be knowledgeable in digital marketing to drive bottom-line results to ensure maximum ROI for our company.


  • Help build our position in the market by developing business relationships within San Antonio
  • Search and develop business relationships with potential customers
  • 谈判并完成新的业务交易
  • Participate and maintain personal networking in local professional organizations
  • 阅读当地出版物
  • Participating in educational opportunities
  • Keep up to date with local politics and local news
  • Conduct business on behalf of TSB in a professional manner and obey all laws and reasonable instructions issued by the City of San Antonio, Bexar县, 和德克萨斯州.
  • 其他分配的工作


  • Preferably at least 1-year experience in an office environment
  • Ability to deal with the public professionally and politely
  • Handles all company business and personnel matters confidently
  • 必须准时
  • Must maintain an acceptable level of attendance
  • 必须保持专业的外表吗
  • 高能专业人士
  • 市场知识
  • 销售计划
  • 销售的动机
  • 勘探技术
  • Presentation Skills and selling to customer needs
  • 关闭的技能
  • 实现销售目标
  • 保密
  • Demonstrated ability to set goals and achieve them
  • Strong communication skills and understanding of the sales process
  • 有管理账簿的经验 


  • 驱动和独立的自动启动
  • 注重细节的
  • Ability to apply judgment and discretion to business solutions
  • Strong clerical skills; typing, filing, organizing
  • 较强的拼写和语法技能
  • 很强的组织能力
  • 优秀的分析能力 
  • Able to perform tasks with reasonable speed and accuracy


  • 精通谷歌:Gmail, 谷歌Chrome, 谷歌日历, 谷歌驱动, 谷歌文档, 谷歌表, 谷歌视频群聊, 和谷歌语音
  • 熟练使用Microsoft Word和Excel
  • Experience using Quickbooks, an online accounting software


  • Experience using Constant 联系, an email marketing software
  • Experience using Asana, a project management software
  • Experience using Harvest, a time tracker software



请将个人简历寄至 (电子邮件保护)

Digital Marketing Specialist (Part-time/Contractor 5 to 10 hours per week)

工作 anytime Monday – Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm



的社会 LLC is seeking an on-site digital marketing specialist who can assist our project manager with creatives and content creation. This position also requires a strong sense of digital marketing knowledge with a deep understanding of what will drive demand. The ideal candidate must be knowledgeable of KPIs in digital marketing to drive bottom-line business results to ensure maximum ROI for our clients.



  • This position will help carry out all day-to-day social media marketing activities for our clients and ensure that all social media networks are branded, 一致的, and connected to the client’s online presence.
  • Help conduct research (hashtags and demographics) for our client’s industries
  • Help maintain editorial calendars and posting schedules for clients 
  • Use best practices, remain knowledgeable of new tools, and become an early adopter of social trends
  • 较强的写作和编辑能力
  • Create engaging digital content daily and have the ability to create content quickly
  • 使用canvas设计帖子
  • Use InVideo, Adobe Spark, InShot, and Flimora for video production
  • 发布到客户的社交媒体页面
  • Monitor all engagement notifications including likes, 评论, 评论, 签到, 提到, 和股票
  • Proficient using Facebook Business Suite that includes: Planner, 广告中心, 商务, 市场, 和组
  • Proficient in Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter
  • 熟悉CTA, Impressions, Reach
  • Familiar with using social to retain and optimize the customer base


    • Responding to 评论 on Google, Better Business Bureau, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc… 
    • Facilitate online conversations with followers and respond to inquiries, 评论, 消息, 并及时进行审查


    • 工作ing with our teams in developing marketing copy and coordinating/designing collateral materials for client projects
    • Collaborating with the web team to integrate social media and reputation management
    • Basic knowledge of SEO – search engine marketing
    • Basic knowledge of digital advertising/e-commerce fundamentals
    • 熟悉品牌内容
    • 熟悉loom软件
    • 其他分配的工作


    • 参加每月回顾电话会议
    • Help generate monthly reporting using social insights and identify and analyzes issues, 模式, and trends from social analytics to optimize campaigns
    • Interpersonal communications skills – 工作 closely with our team to understand business goals


    Our ideal candidate will be independent, driven, and a self-starter. Serve as a social media assistant and will demonstrate competency planning/organizing, 应用学习, 建立客户忠诚度, 建立策略性的工作关系, 创建服务信誉, 有效地沟通, 有效地监控信息.

    • 优先/理学士
    • Preferred 1+ years of social media marketing experience is required. 
    • Preferred 1+ years of organizational skills and leading cross-functional projects
    • Must possess strong verbal and written communication skills 
    • Ability to multitask in a highly energetic, fast-paced environment
    • Ability to think critically and problem-solver

    起薪是12美元.00每小时,根据经验. 也可以直接存款.

    的社会 LLC requires every team member to submit a Resume, 学位/大学成绩单, 证书/证书副本.